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Restoring the natural look and feel of your mouth as comfortably and quickly as possible is our top priority. Through newer technology, we can work with whitening techniques, fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, and dentures to personalize your care.

comprehensive patient care

Your best interest is our top priority. Your visits are personalized to include education, prevention, and care, all provided by highly trained staff. Your diagnosis and treatment recommendations are dictated by your needs, not quotas, production goals, or other outside influences, and we use the most innovative technologies available.

about our practice



Dr. Brian Herring cut his teeth, so to speak, northwest of Lubbock on a family farm in Friona. Those lessons in hard work and perseverance propelled him to academic and athletic achievement at Texas Tech University, as a post-graduate student and then a faculty member at the Baylor College of Dentistry, in private practice, and as a husband and father.

Dr. Herring relocated his dental practice to Lubbock in 2013, purchasing the practice of highly respected, long-time dentist Dr. Ronald Phillips. Prior to moving back to the South Plains, Dr. Herring maintained a private practice in Frisco.


Since 2005, the practice has focused on dentistry for the entire family. He also served in a part-time clinical faculty capacity at Baylor College of Dentistry while in the Metroplex.


Professionally, Dr. Herring is a member of several organizations, including the American Dental Association, Texas Dental Association, South Plains District Dental Society, and the prestigious Seattle Study Club. He is also fellow in the International Dental Implant Association. His post-graduate focus has been on dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and complex restorative dentistry.


Dr. Herring earned his [dental degree] from Baylor College of Dentistry in 2005 in Dallas, using his elective courses to study dental implants, advanced endodontics, and forensic dentistry. He was a member of Xi Phi Psi Fraternity, the American Student Dental Association, and the International Association of Dental Research.


Dr. Herring received a bachelor of art’s degree in history, with a minor in biology and chemistry, from Texas Tech in 1997, meriting places on the Dean’s List, on the President’s List, in the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, and in the Order of Omega Honor Society. While there, he participated with several student organizations, including the track team, Kappa Alpha Order, and the Interfraternity Council. He earned his master’s degree in biology from TTU in 2001 with an emphasis in breast cancer research, concurrently working as a research assistant and a teaching assisting in human anatomy and physiology.


Dr. Herring is married to the former Lindley Douglass, a Plainview native and Texas Tech alumnae. They have two children, Cameron and Tess, and are active members of the First United Methodist Church of Lubbock. In their free time, they enjoy family get-togethers, spending time with friends, and cheering on the Red Raiders. They are so excited finally to be back in Lubbock and the South Plains.


services we offer

Preventive Dentistry


Your regular visits will include an exam of your teeth, gums, fillings, and mouth. Also education of best practices for oral care and products.

Implant placement

and restoration


Supports for your false teeth will

be placed or repaired with maximum comfort and durability in mind.

Cosmetic Dentistry


We specialize in treatments to straighten, lighten, reshape and repair your teeth, such as whitening, tooth-colored fillings, veneers, crowns, bridges, and implants.

root canals


We make this dreaded treatment of an infected dying or dead tooth as painless as possible while ensuring we remove any infection, clean the root, and fill the tooth.

Laser Dentistry


Our use of lasers means your trip to the dentist will be more safe, precise, effective, and comfortable.



Gum Treatment


Your risk of gum disease such as gingivitis and periodontal disease  can be minimized by a thorough teeth-cleaning.

TMJ Treatment


We will recommend a variety of treatment options to ease your TMJ pain, including tooth adjustment and replacement, medication, relaxation practices, and changes to diet and exercise.

Sedation Dentistry


For patients who suffer greatly from dental-work anxiety, we offer oral sedation.



Our care for you isn’t limited to simply removing your original teeth and molding and fitting you for your new dentures; it also includes making sure you know how to care for them.

crowns & bridges


We can restore or replace partial or full teeth for you for a variety of reasons: to minimize stress on your surrounding teeth, and to restore your natural appearance.

Nitrous Oxide


We can relax patients who are anxious to undergo dental treatment by providing an inhalation of nitrous oxide and oxygen, a quick-acting mixture that produces a pleasant, relaxed feeling.

Senior Care


Our senior care features specialized visits, treatment, and education tailored to seniors, including cleaning bridges and dentures; and minimizing sensitivity caused by receding gums.


3-D x-rays

This technology gives us the most detailed information of your mouth so we can provide you with a more accurate diagnosis and precise treatment.

intraoral cameras

and photography

Our use of pen-sized intraoral cameras allows us to show you pictures of your mouth so you can be more informed during the exam.

Waterlase MD.

This safe, gentle alternative to standard dental tools such as shots and drills reduces your pain, anxiety, risk, and time in our office.

digital x-rays

Dramatically reducing your exposure to radiation is just one of the benefits of using digital radiation; others include higher quality images, and ease in transferring dental records.

digital impressions

Digital dentistry enables us to provide you with faster, more accurate, and more comfortable dental work; the long lag time and pain of creating impressions or molds will be a distant memory.



Privacy Practices


We respect your privacy. Please print this

form out and bring only the last page to your appointment.



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