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Well we have finally finished up our newest office.  We had a few hiccups here and there, but we opened the doors in Plainview.

I decided on Plainview for several reasons, but most importantly were the ties we had to the community.  Dr. Phillips was orginally from Plainview and we see several patients from there in Lubbock.  Secondly, my wife, Lindley was born and raised in Plainview, so we naturally have several friends and family members in the community.

I think everyone will really enjoy the office, we are completely digital and paper”less”.  The citizens of Plainview can experience the newest dental technologies available today.  Right now, we are able to perform almost every procedure in Plainview that we can do in Lubbock.  As we progress and grow, we will have all services available in Plainview.  We are still functional in Lubbock and will continue to operate in our main office with little or no disruption to our patients. If all goes well, we will be looking for additional dentists in the future.

We have a wonderful team assembled to take care you!  If you have a chance, go by the office and say hello to Senee`.   She is our do everything up there, but most importantly she is the dental hygienist extraordinaire!  The best part  is she was born and raised in Lockney, Texas and is a fellow Red Raider.   You will love her.   We are keeping it local because we believe in West Texas!

We are greatful and proud of the opportunity to serve the community and citizens of Plainview and I hope that we can see you!  Give us a call at 806-221-2240 for your appointment.

We really appreciate every single one of our patients and friends of the practices in Lubbock and Plainview.  You are a blessing to us.

Brian Herring

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