Hello West Texas!

Wow!  What a crazy year and a half since moving back to Lubbock.  It’s time to focus on the reason I decided to move back to the South Plains, and that is to give back, support, and care for the wonderful people in Lubbock, the greater South Plains area and the Texas Panhandle.  Being able to provide dental services, educating people on better oral health, and just meeting new friends and patients has been more of a blessing than I could have ever imagined.  We have been expanding our services to include dental implants, laser dentistry, advanced aesthetic dentistry options, teeth whitening, and oral rehabilitation.  We also provide cleanings, oral health education, crowns, fillings, root canals, dentures, oral surgery services, and TMJ treatment.

As you read this, many of you might be thinking, those are pretty much the same services that almost every other dentist in the world offers.  Well, you are correct, but I would like to tell you a couple of reasons why I think our office is different than most other offices.

1.  Patients can enter our office in multiple  ways.  Some patients only want emergency treatment, some want comprehensive, multi-disciplinary treatment.  Most of our patients want a dental home that is conservative and has your health and best interests in mind. We welcome everyone and respect how you want your healthcare delivered to you.  With that being said we treat everyone as an individual.  We tailor our x-rays, exam, and treatment based on your desires, needs, and comfort level.

2.  I like to consider my office a diagnosis based practice.  The only treatment recommendations we provide are based on solid diagnostic criteria.  You will also be provided with options regarding our treatment recommendations.   We do not have procedure goals, new patient goals, or production based goals for the office or the staff.  We provide services for conditions and diseases we diagnose, we do not create needs based on our office financial goals.  Dr. Phillips started this practice around 1974.  We are in this for the long haul.   We want life long patients.

3.  I will personally perform your cleanings.  Most dentists (myself included in my previous practice) delegate this procedure to dental hygienists.  Hygienists are a very valuable member of a dental team, but I firmly believe that the extra-time I personally spend with you will allow me to understand you and your mouth on a much different level.  It will allow me to diagnose, treat, and maintain much better.  Many consultants, peers, and business analysts do not believe in this due to amount of production that is taken away during this time.  I believe this time is invaluable as it allows for things previously mentioned as well as a stronger doctor/patient relationship.  Because I clean teeth and perform every examination, we only schedule one patient at a time.  I will not be jumping from room to room.  Your appointment time is reserved strictly for you.

4.  I am an independent practice owner.  Many dental practices are switching from private, independent practice to a group model with management groups. There are many pros and cons to the group model, but in my opinion, a private practice model still delivers the most consistent, cost effective, personalized dentistry to its patients.  The two things I feel most important in being independent are not having a management group (of non-dentists) instructing me on how to practice dentistry, and having that same management group looking at my treatment recommendations and wondering how I could have made the corporation more profit.  You are an individual at our practice, not a number.

5.  I believe in Lubbock and West Texas.   I grew up in this area.  My parents, grandparents and great-grandparents are from this area.  I am invested in the people of Lubbock and the surrounding areas.  I know what it means to be a West Texan.  I have lived and practiced in the DFW Metroplex, I never had complete fulfillment until my family and I chose to move back home and give back to the area that gave so much to us.

Thank you to all of our current patients.  We truly enjoy serving you.   To those out there trying to find a dental office to fit you and your family, we welcome you with open arms.  Stop by to say hello.  We would love the opportunity to introduce ourselves and see if we can help you in any way.

Brian Herring, DDS



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