October is Dental Hygiene Month

The American Dental Hygiene Association has designated October as National Dental Hygiene Month.  They are promoting the Daily 4 for better oral health.  Their program involves brushing 2x daily, flossing daily, using an anti-microbial mouth rinse and chewing sugar free gum.  These recommendations are fantastic!  I applaud the Association for educating and increasing awareness for oral health, however, I want to encourage all of you to take this a few steps further.

Along with your daily routine, I would advise that you see your dentist or find a dentist to evaluate your teeth and supporting oral tissues.   If its been awhile, please don’t continue to put this off any longer.  Most dental problems can be treated economically, comfortably, and with minimal invasion if caught early through regular visits.

I also encourage everyone to check out Dr. Ellie Phillips’ website www.drellie.com.  I was introduced to Dr. Ellie’s program through Dr. Ron Phillips, the previous owner of our practice.  I have also had the pleasure of meeting her during her visit to Lubbock a few years ago.  Her passion for for oral health is contagious.  This oral home care program that she developed is the single best thing we have implemented for the patients in our practice.  Every patient that implements this program shows dramatic improvement in gum health, fewer cavities, fewer failing restorations, less plaque and tartar, and an overall better feeling about their oral health.  The goal of our practice is to provide you with the tools to achieve the absolute best oral health.  Yes, we need to intervene at times, but offering a preventive and maintenance program that will help you prevent future problems is the foundation of our practice.  When I first tell patient’s about the benefits of the program and it comes out of a book titled “Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye”, they seem shocked that I would suggest this to them.  Doctor means “to teach” in Latin.  If we can educate our patients on ways to stay out of our chairs, then essentially, I have done the ultimate job of being a dentist.  Does your dentist do this?  If not, find one that will provide you the tools to help yourself and your mouth.  Don’t wait another minute, incorporate this into your daily routine now!

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Brian Herring, DDS